Why I’m Freaking The Eff Out About Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 looks beyond awesome.  However, in my little corner of the universe, I’m freaking out…

Augment Kits

Presuming everyone already has augmented weapon(s), chest, head, and legs, we will still need to augment 10 more pieces: boots, gloves, bracers, […]

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[Spoiler] About The Female Trooper Romance Option

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains the identity of a romanceable male companion for the female republic trooper and the identities/characteristics of other romanceable companions in the game.  It does not reveal storyline of those romances, as I have no idea […]

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Inconvenient Relatives, Annoying Holidays, and Release Date

My mom is visiting in late November (Thanksgiving).  Ok, no big deal… it’s unlikely that the early access for preorders will start that early.

My dad wants to visit “mid-December.”  Yargh.  That will probably be right during early access.  And […]

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