Still Waiting for Real Server Transfers — 7 Comments

  1. I’m betting they’ll be rolling out server transfers as part of their new fancy cash shop, located right next the HK-51 emporium, and near the racks where Bioware’s dignity and credibility are being sold (50% off!).

  2. That’s the amount of coins netted for a constant subscription from launch till now? Great. I’ll most likely transfer over if they allow it, I follow all the Snark Side blogs and really enjoy the game, unfortunately all of my friends from SWG left the game very quickly and now i’m forever alone over on The Fatman.

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath about server transfers coming =/ it could be a long time. Most of our members had to level from scratch, which sucks, but we’re crazy crafters and when they hit 50, we helped them get raid ready so fast! But the guildies said “FFS don’t put THAT in the recruiting announcement or people will think that they are getting a free ride!” (But, you know, those unsavory free-ride-wanters aren’t reading the comments here, they’re too lazy, so it’s ok to mention it.)

  3. I’ll see how barren the PvE content on Fatman gets. I’m so very much hesitant to leave all my toons over there (4 50’s so far, 1 of each class). The server is primarily PvP obviously, but there are some quality PvE guilds, unfortunately they are all very hardcore, and although i possess the experience to play with them, i just can’t devote 5 days a week to raiding.

    I’ll probably roll up Valinar as a Commando Healer, and Perci as a scoundrel for you guys. It’s healers not tanks yer missing right?

    • Yep. Healers or dps or healer/dps. Make sure before you start leveling that our raid schedule works for you and you’d be interested in doing raids with us. And, of course, there’s the app (on the forum) and THEN a vent interview. The strict admission procedures were not my idea, but they are actually WORKING, so I’m pretty happy to jump through the hoops – or make others jump through the hoops. Har har. You see why I suck as GM?

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