Why I’m Freaking The Eff Out About Patch 1.3 — 7 Comments

  1. Heh, I think I’ve got hundreds of those Augment parts, but I don’t have any crafter (of my own) that can make any Augments – yet.

  2. I am so ridiculously freakin’ excited for this patch. Group tool, ranked warzones, agent changes (which actually make us … *gasp* BETTER!), GTN linking, new crafting, augment tables get used again (remember *those* in beta?!), there’s almost TOO much to count! Threat generation boosted by 100% (from 50 to 100% for almost all abilities), heal balancing, it’s almost like Launch 2.0. It’s incredibly exciting!

  3. Patch per se seems to be yet another miracle, but there’s this one very thing that I don’t really understand:

    – Level cap increase;

      • It does seem odd to be trivializing content already, especially the raids. Ad of course, the cap increase will be coming ‘later this year’ along with the new planet Makeb, I bet. Still, if it’s a paid expansion or a free content update … either way is a bad move unless they plan to create all new stories to fulfill those 5 levels. Sounds like they’re just churning out more story content without something to do at the end of it. Sounds like launch, hmm?

        • Well if they’re adding 5 whole levels, maybe they’ll have my so-called “husband” of a companion talk to me again. Maybe he’ll bring me breakfast in the captain’s quarters.

  4. While augment kits are awesome and will be in high-demand, don’t kill yourself getting us all pimped-out.

    Somewhere a dev stated that current content is not tuned to require fully-augmented gear (not like we have heard that before). Nonetheless, every little upgrade will help when we move from Story Mode EC to Hard Mode.

    So yeah, every little bit will help, and we love you for it, but don’t go losing your mind on us. 🙂

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