Companion Customization and Hats — 9 Comments

  1. Must say, I agree with the stance of hiding helm. My first experience for a helm for my IA was a little headset that looked hideous! Then it went on to some weird caps and other types of headwear. To be honest I am glad I am not a BH! Have you seen some of their early headware? my god!

  2. Oh, believe me, I was delighted that Qyzen’s hats don’t show, lol. What’s really funny is the result I get on Zenith, sometimes. He has a hat, but the tail things on his Twi’lek head show, so it ends up looking like some sort of visor or something . . .

    • I admit I’m a little jealous of twis because I have discovered that hoods do not show at all on them. On the other hand, the lekku flap around on an elevator so it’s a toss-up.

  3. I have to admit that I like the hoods on my Jedi. It’s fitting. It’s what they’re supposed to wear. Admittedly, my Consular’s pivotal “Hey, I have a ship” moment was completely obscured by the hood he was wearing.

    That being said, I was relieved to get said hood because the headpiece he had been running around in was this stupid little head circlet that took me back to my days in the early eighties when fancy, colored headbands with sparkly thread were ALL THE RAGE!

    Still, I do wish we had a ‘blank out headpiece on companions’ option because, yes, Aric snarling from his bucket head is kind of a drag. Especially right now where his various armor pieces don’t match. I can’t help but think that if his blue helmet went away visually the green/red combo of his other gear wouldn’t be quite so bad.

    And you’re absolutely right, if you’re dropping 12K credits for a customization maybe it would behoove the game to let us SEE that.

  4. I don’t know what’s worse – being able to wear silly hats and armor, or never wearing them. Khem Val never shows any armor you equip on him. Ever. His entire look and wardrobe is decided solely by which customization to stick on him. This means he always has a uniform look, but you’re limited to only a dozen or so different looks.

    On one hand, I don’t mind it on Blizz. On the other, Khem Val wears a loin cloth.

  5. I agree totally. The hats in this game are just … wow. Bad. The Sith Warrior can pull of some pretty neat looks, and the Inquisitor is in good shape, but if you’re anything else, you are completely, royally, totally, and utterly screwed. Hard. With no lube but your own bitter tears.

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