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  1. I agree that this is painful especially when you’re doing modding work. My back back always looks like a mess and I’m always struggling to find where the heck the mod went and whether it’d go better on my jacket or on one of my orange guns if it’s an enhancement and it’s very frustrating to have that completely wiped off. Modding things can be a several minute process without interruptions considering how ADD I am! >:

    • Modding is awkward right now, period. I wish they would let you see what mods you currently have equipped without having to open the modding window for each item separately. Especially since doing so also automatically opens your inventory, so if you’re just comparing stats on your gear for example, you constantly have to close your inventory and re-open your character panel. The more orange items I get, the more it drives me batty. 😛

      • My rough solution to the orange modding problem (I now have hat, gloves, chest, pants, gun)… I say “OK, I got a new…” let’s say armoring. Then I open my character sheet and mouse over the items that are modded. Each item should have a little summary of all the mods in it and a little parentheses wtih mod level after it (that roughly corresponds to the level at which you can equip it. So I’d look.. armoring in hat is (22) armoring in gloves is (20).. down the line,a nd then replace the one with the lowest level. It’s imperfect, but fast.

        • You can unequip the item and put it in your bag; then open the mod window. You can then mouse over the item in your bag and compare mods, etc etc. That’s how I do it, at least.

          Also, the ship droid can die in a big, hairy, horrid, ugly fire.

  2. I like it when C2-N2 comes back from a mission crowing about perfection and the mission window says that he failed. I’m always like ‘What the hell, droid?’ Or his lamentations of failing me when he’s made something exceptional.

    And I absolutely agree with Shintar about seeing all of your mods without having to open each one. Whenever I get new armor or mods or what have you, I have to sit there opening each new thing and as you level and get more orange items that turns into a damn project!

    • I swear, what your companions say when they get back from a mission have absolutely no connection to how that mission went. Sometimes they get bugged too so instead of getting the “you got it boss, I’m leaving” they’ll spout one of their combat phrases – “Die SCUM!” or something to that effect. Yes, DIE Rank 3 Companion Gift Mission!

      • You know, I haven’t experienced that bug. Although one of Elara’s phrases in battle is ‘Let me help you!’ which would be most fitting really. “Elara, make me this piece of armor.” “Let me help you!!” “… Okaaay… make me this piece of armor!”

        I usually have Aric with me so he doesn’t get sent off on crafting missions. But that sort of bug would be hilarious. “You’re going DOWN!” “Um… Aric… not HERE, mm-kay? Later maybe?”

        The other thing that I think is rather funny about sending companions off on crafting missions and whatnot is what kind of gathering skills you have. My Trooper, Kitae, is an Armormech so she’s got Scavenging and Underworld Trading. Now, Scavenging I hvae no problem believing that military types would be good at (I’ve seen The Great Escape a million billion times. The Scrounger is mega important!) but I have a hard time picturing Aric, Elara or M1 trooping through the black market on underworld trading missions. Or C2 for that matter.

        I need to get Tanno Vik soon. He’s the only one I’d buy doing underworld trading.

        • Yeah I don’t think too hard about the actual “going” on missions, because then I’d feel bad about sending Corso on dark side diplomacy missions.

        • I think they’ve actually done quite well with the companion bonuses, in terms of them being appropriate. (Tanno Vik gets a bonus to Underworld Trading.) But yeah, it’s hard to imagine Elara standing for all that blatant law-breaking!

  3. Even more annoying to me than ole C2-N2 closing the modding screen is when the rusted scrap heap closes my GTN screen. After spending time sifting through the stupid GTN interface to finally find the item I want, C2 storms in, mouth blazing, and crushes my GTN interface. Makes me so mad I could kick an Ewok.

    • Um… yes. That’s EVEN WORSE. Fortunately, I only use the GTN on my “bank alts” (yes plural, stupid 50 auction limit) so they don’t really have trade skills to speak of. Or a ship droid yet.

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