Remember how I said, not too long ago, “Every piece of armor I have gotten – green, blue, whatever  – has looked badass.” Well THAT euphoria came to a screeching halt when I got my latest upgrade.


Sith in a sports bra?  When I think about kicking ass and bending the galaxy to my whim, the “just got off the stairmaster” look doesn’t do it for me.  In fact, I’m pretty sure sports bras are not recommended in the sith guidebook How to Make Enemies and Intimidate People.

Quinn, hold my Ipod, I have some asses to kick.  (Incidentally, Quinn makes a great workout mix, even though it’s a bit heavy on the ABBA and Erasure.)

I’m currently in the process of making myself some synthweaving and armormech orange moddable gear to replace THAT.  It’s a bit chilly on the ship, and Quinn doesn’t have any intention of keeping Njessie warm.


Fashion Honeymoon Is Over On The Sith Side — 5 Comments

  1. The sports bra looks pretty bad ass if one happened to pick the, er, amazon-ish build. Then it looks more like you stripped off your shirt so as not to get blood on it while you beat the crap out of someone.

    There is still something wrong with pieces that only seem appropriate on one body type.

    • I take issue with armor that doesn’t cover ORGANS. How is that considered armor? Although, granted, a lightsaber will slice through anything so what does it matter? If the blade hits you, you’re toast.

      • Yeah, armor in Star Wars is confusing. On the one hand, one should go into battle armored as much as possible (including covering one’s vital organs), that’s just common sense. On the other hand, the movies make it appear that it’s utterly useless against either lightsabers or blasters (how many stormtroopers do we see go down in one shot?), which begs the question of why anyone even bothers with it.

        (I know the EU invents all sorts of explanations and armors that are supposed to be blaster, and even lightsaber, proof, but I’m not sure what’s considered true in the game.)