Malavai Quinn, Doctor of Whining — 11 Comments

  1. Is it brave or just clueless to whine at one’s Sith Lord? I mean, Sith. They’re not exactly known for responding well to complaints. (Or much of anything else.)

    Very funny, though.

  2. Welcome to the Dark Side! I have a buncha Imperial toons. Quinn is first, second and third on the list of companions that I wish I could torture. Wait until you finish the story. I won’t spoil it, but dude actually becomes LESS likeable as time goes on. I’d have questionably intentioned male-male bonding time with Corso on Makeb before I wasted any theoretical pee on the theoretical gas fire that I wish I could start on Quinn’s head, and I’m no fan of Corso.

    Also, Imperial Agent story = nonpareil, imho. In no other class story did I have to push back at a decision point because the impact was so huge that I wasn’t sure what the hell I wanted to do. That happened TWICE on my agent. And Kaliyo is @#$%ing hilarious – she’s a dead ringer for Jack from Mass Effect 2 in almost every way that counts.

    • I’ve noticed him becoming less likeable in general.

      He was whining to me about Vette bothering him on the ship. MOMMY, She’s BREATHING on meeeeee make her stoooop!

      I’ll turn this spaceship around if y’all don’t shut up!

    • When you punish Quinn, as I found out last night with my husband’s sith pureblood marauder – make sure to put him on passive or turn off heals. It interrupts the pathetic crying if he immediately heals himself following the slap. It’s far more satisfying to see and hear the whole uninterrupted display of crying and cringing.

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