Now With More Shame — 6 Comments

  1. And how the hell are those boobs staying up? The force?

    Now it all makes sense! No really, that outfit has the most blatant defiance of gravity yet; it really bugs me.

    The red/green/yellow dye job made me laugh out loud – that’s so bad it’s almost good again, like some sort of swimsuit from the sixties.

    And I don’t really “get” the armour with the glowy bits. I’ve previously bought some myself without even realising that parts of it were glowy. It’s not… terrible, but the outfit would be just fine without them, and I don’t really see them adding much.

  2. Well, I now know where some of the latest “OMG BEWBS!” people in Age of Conan have migrated to. I haven’t seen the exhibitionist shirt out in the wild yet, but I’d imagine that only small chested women could even hope to pull that off.

    (In case nobody’s aware, in Age of Conan you can go completely topless, bare breasts and all. And yes, there’s a lot of people who play just so they can have a female toon run around completely topless. I guess I should be grateful that they can’t do that with genitalia sticking out.)

  3. I managed to make the Dramatic Extrovert armor look great on my mirialan Jedi Shadow. It only works if you go full-on Embrace the Dark Side; used one of the new(er) mirialan tattoo patterns from the Cartel Market (covers most of the face, very Ancient Dark Jedi), plus a Black and Red Dye Module, black hair, purple eyes, cross scar across the whole face, and wicked-looking lightsaber hilt (forget the name, but it’s black and spiky).

    Anyway, she ended up looking badass, not slutty. I get compliments on the look (not just from creepy guys, but they’re always around, aren’t they?). Just gotta work for it instead of just throwing it on.

    Everything on this page, however, is terrible. I think most of these people are colorblind.

  4. I feel like the dramatic extroverts would look better as a dress rather than armour (think the chest design but with a dress, like an underboob dress I think its called? idk) Something to wear for like SH parties or casual roaming Drummond Kaas rather than in battle usage imo. Some oc’s look good in it but all of these here look straight trash XD

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