Quinn Feels Pretty (But I Feel Prettier) — 5 Comments

  1. Ahahaha. Oh quinn, always the butt of every Marauders jokes. Kudos on the outfit, my ginger Shadow might copy it, if only to wear actual pants. Only thing I have that looks nice with her fancy white/yellow social dress top thingy I got off GTN was the dancer panties :F

    As an aside, I just played KotOR2 again tonight. Sentinels are smart. TOR!Sentinels are incurably stupid “pewpewmoar”s. Jedi Watchman AC? still nothing like the Watchman spec. More like Shadows. Sith Lords, Assassins, Marauders on the othr hand? Totally legit translation. Rawr.

  2. You need the rakghoul kit. You need it. Get yourself unbored and pick it up next time. You will not regret it.

    My Quinn looks very dashing in the clandestine officer’s uniform with primary black dye, the social 5 shock collar from Belsavis, and the infected customization.

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