The Path To Makeb Is Paved With Stupidity — 10 Comments

  1. Lol, that’s quite funny. Aside from the OMGBIGREVEAL, I don’t remember having any issues with Quinn, in fact I quite enjoyed bossing him around. I thought it was refreshing to be with a guy who seemed to enjoy being with a strong woman who told him what to do all the time. He never gave me any of that manly man nonsense as far as I recall.

    • I think the manly man stuff only comes out when you tell him to shove off. And then he’s like “umm maybe she wants me to take charge?” No, you twit, I meant SHOVE OFF!

      • Nope. Lemda is bi, Lord Cytharat is only into men. And I am still torn about how I should think about Lemda’s bi-ness. On the one hand: YAY! Bisexuals get representation! On the other hand: Well done, Bioware, we couldn’t have an exclusively lesbian character because that would make the horny menfolk cry…

        • I’m pretty sad about this! I would have preferred Lemda to be lesbian, to be honest, because I don’t think “bi” was handled that well. The flirt options seemed really “male coming on to female” and sounded quite awkward coming out of my female toon’s mouth. Maybe if the dialogue had been written as female-to-female rather than anygender-to-female it might have been more nuanced.

        • Maybe I can set up Quinn with Lord watsis since:

          (1) Njessie hates him and
          (2) I think Quinn would be into that. Just a hunch.

  2. The Sith Warrior storyline was very, very good. It had a good, strong villain throughout, peppered with enough awesomeness to keep my interest. Not as good as the agent, obvs, but still pretty darn entertaining.

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