Not Now, Scourge — 6 Comments

  1. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain lust.
    Through lust, I gain tightpants.
    Through tightpants, you gain savage animal attraction.
    Through savage animal attraction, my longjohns are opened.
    The Force shall free my little Sith.

  2. Love the above comment with the new and improved Sith Code. Clearly this is what Scourge was thinking here.

    Sometimes my companions do this too. It very much confuses me. Then I can’t help but worry that when I’m not there to babysit, they wander around my ship naked…

    • I worry that my companions are gossiping amongst themselves. Especially about what I did anytime I purposely switch them out so I don’t get the -1 of Shame.

      • That could help explain how sometimes people get affection gain (or loss) with companions who were not there! Clearly someone hit up the holocom and was like “YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT OUR FEARLESS LEADER JUST DID!”

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