Parallel Paths: Companion Conversations And Class Story — 2 Comments

  1. You know, this makes me very happy that my Sith warrior (a baby still) is male. Mainly because I want to go all kinky dark side with Jaesa for some reason (it suits the character)… and because the female Sith warrior romance option struck me as extremely unsatisfactory.

    My Jedi Consular (still pre-teen really as far as leveling goes) is also male and I will probably wait until Makeb to get him anything. None of the romantic options thrilled me on that score, to be honest.

    I do think it’s kind of funny that after betrayal and some major Force choking THAT’S when Quinn decides he’s super warm for your Sith form. Maybe he’s kinkier than I thought.

    • I’m pretty sure the male sith warrior has some bsock opportunities outside the ship (besides Vette AND Jaesa) while the female has NONE. So unfair. Of course, that seems to be a trend with BW: that the male toons have way more opportunities for flings.

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