Torian Bieber — 5 Comments

  1. I made a few Bieber jokes myself when my co-blogger picked up Torian for her crew.

    Surprising that he wasn’t responding to flirts though! Most companions are quick to jump on that. You say like two nice words and they’re like “hey does that mean you want to marry me?!” I wish there were more let them down gently options. I get attached and don’t want to hurt their feelings. I just don’t always want in their pants.

    Anyway… I”m glad you figured out that Torian was way more into guns and ammo than courting gifts. At least initially. I assume he likes them now? I hate ending up with this huge stockpile of courting gifts and no one to give them to. Though if I recall correctly one of my inquisitor companions liked them despite being completely un-romanceable by either gender. So that was a good way to unload them at the time.

      • The evil twin thing is very fun when you’re going through the same story twice. One of my guildies had a main who was a pure-good-sage. So when he wanted to roll a shadow, he made an “evil twin” and did the whole story evil. Some people who started out evil had to make a “good twin”.

    • Well apparently when I tried to flirt with him, he wasn’t in romance mode. I think it was a gender-neutral conversation he has with all the bounty hunters, including boys, about hunting and mandalore and other such nonsense – and there were so flirt OPTIONS for the girls, but no flirt REACTIONS from him. So the “romance” wasn’t initiated until he started asking Issen whether she had a boyfriend. Now, yes, he will accept courting gifts, although he likes trophies better. When I give him a courting gift he says, you guessed it, “Thanks”, and that is it. Damn tall, dark (now), and stupid.

      (Incidentally, Doc will accept courting gifts from the beginning without complaint, but he also tries to bsock the female knight almost immediately. No surprise there.)

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