We’re Gonna Raid. I Mean Operations. — 6 Comments

  1. You may have to reconsider the functionality of the “leaf butt”. If you’re on Tatooine and say if (ahem).. “nature calls” you don’t have to worry there are no trees. 😉

    I understand your concern. This is my first MMO and I’m going Tank on my main. After seeing so much discussion from people who are upset at “noobs” I was just awaiting the day I get cussed out in a warzone. Luckily I did my homework and learned what to do before going in. Still not great but getting there. Just got to relax. This is for fun.

    Good luck!!

  2. Congrats! The operations aren’t hard, really. As long as you’ve 1) raided before and 2) know how to jump, you’ll be fine. Few pointers!

    – Remember to LOS the Annihilator Droid’s missiles. There is no raid warning at all, so look for the droid to physically change stances and slide the missile rack on his back.
    – Gharj is fairly easy if you have played Super Mario Bros. Jump to the new platform. Don’t fall in lava.
    – Ancient Pylon is pretty fun! Just do your research beforehand about the order of the symbols.
    – The Council is rather … stressful. Be sure you have plenty of cooldowns available. Stim up too. As a DPS you’ll be facing a 76K health opponent. Keep calm and use your entire arsenal.
    – Soa looks complicated but isn’t. Avoid fireballs. They track you too, so don’t lead them through the group. Hit Mind Traps. Don’t get near Mind Traps. Heal on every third platform that you drop down to.

    Basically, keep calm and don’t panic; EV isn’t nearly as hard as some of the later (WotLK) raids. And most importantly, have FUN!

  3. This is my third MMO (or 4th if you count World of Tanks) but because of what came before it, this is basically my first MMO.

    Eve Online is so far off in it’s own MMO world that it doesn’t even come CLOSE to comparing with this game, and I play LOTRO extremely casually basically as a social activity for when me and my sister aren’t living in the same house, so SWTOR is like starting all over.

    Things that get me are sometimes pretty basic

    Leveling for one – In Eve the major grind is for credits. Once you have a few basic skills trained, even a very low skilled player can be a big help to a fleet. Also Eve has no end game PvE. It’s the most PvP centeric game I’ve ever seen so that doesn’t even cross over.

    Other stuff – People talk about the UI a lot… You can’t do jack with the Eve UI. It seems odd to me that people who play this want to basically make their own UI. I guess the Eve Overview can be customized a lot, and that’s similar in goal to most of the UI stuff people want, but it still weirds me out to see my sister using so many hotkeyes that she has every key she can reach bound 3 or 4 different ways. I have a mouse and I click things…

    Off topic threadnaught ended… maybe I do need to start my own blog lol

    • Unfortunately, clicking your abilities works for leveling but it won’t be quick enough in real operations. Yer sister has it right. It’s hard to teach yourself though.

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