Little Jedi’s Impressions of SWTOR — 9 Comments

  1. You can fall of the edge of Coruscant? I hadn’t tried . . .

    Luckily for me, my youngest Jedi is almost 9. But when she was 4, she was dropping my WoW Druid out of flight form way up above Shattrath and watching her go splat on the ground . . . Yea . . .

    • If it is possible to fall off something, I have fallen off it. The other day I fell off Coruscant BETWEEN THE BANNISTERS on a ramp down. I blame my sentinel’s size 1 body that slipped right through.

      • I’ve fallen through a walkway in a big black hole in the Esseles. Didn’t kill me either. Had to wait for /stuck to kill me (which took 2 minutes and two attempts) to get back to the entrance.

        I somehow do not think this is intended behavior, but it is proof that you can fall off anything. Even through the floor.

  2. Yep, fallen a fair old way myself at the central speeder zone, trying to jump cut the corner.

    And little jedis comments seem to be on the money so far for this game 🙂

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