My Awesome New Belt — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t know whether that model is available to players, but yesterday I dealt with an NPC that had gloves like that, i.e. giant leaf-shaped things strapped to their wrists. It looked utterly bizarre.

      • Well, we made it for our camp-outs so we could, presumably, sit in the dirt and not get dirty or wet or whatever. Although when you camp, you get dirty. We made them and they were presumably for wearing around the waist and then sitting on them whenever you needed to but they weren’t exactly practical.

        We use to just leave them in our tents and grab them when it was campfire time.

        Though they would be quite useful on the subway, this is true.

        There are certainly some places in the Star Wars galaxy that they’d make some sense as well. I’ll be honest, I’m afraid to touch a lot of things in Nar Shaddaa. Hutt Vegas it may be… I just think STDs are on every surface there.

  2. The part about Darth Meatloaf nearly made me laugh out loud. (It would have if I wasn’t restraining myself because the rest of the household is asleep and who knows how hard I would have to laugh at that if I let myself. Probably pretty hard.)

    That belt there is.. impressive. I’m not sure some people understand what they’re making when they make a piece of gear. As I believe that has left the realm of ‘belt’ and entered the realm of ‘butt cape’. Which is a different fashion accessory altogether.

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