Healing Without Addons? /freakout — 5 Comments

  1. I totally agree on the action bars! Need more spaces! Need to be able to see things I put in the spaces! Need to not have things way off to the sides and out of my range of vision while I’m working!

    I can live with the lack of mouseover for now. I don’t love it. But I can live with it. Like you said the naga helps a lot, because I can click a target then immediately hit the key, in almost the same motion. But it’s going to make a difference if speed and reflex become key later on.

    I am still worried about the lack of visible buff and debuff notifiers, oddly I am mostly worried about buffs. I worry that people will be even lazier about buffing than the low low standard I have already come to expect if there’s no easy way to see which ones are covered and which ones aren’t.

  2. I’m so used to the Eve Online UI, which you can’t really change so much that I always have a weird view of people saying they need to be able to change the UI. I just don’t even consider it as possible. Same thing with macros. Eve and World of Tanks don’t allow any, so it always freaks me out when people are talking about their macros.

  3. First of all, yay Nagas, best 80 bucks I’ve ever spent. It does indeed make healing without macros/mouseovers/addons less stressful.

    I could totally live without mouseovers, better buff display or additional action bars. My biggest pet peeve is the scale of the UI. Gawd, it takes up way too much space.

    I would trade addons for scaling, but hopefully both will come in the near future.

    • Yeah I have my ops frames set up so they SORT OF look like grid… The lack of mouseover is what is killing me, especially when I’m trying to multitask (DPS and heal). Now, you CAN set the focus target and then use a modifier to heal your focus target without untargeting the enemy, but I already heal with modifiers, so I’m not sure if I could use a modifier on top of a modifier.

      (I should note that this doesn’t really do well in big groups, but if you ONLY need to heal your companion, then it will probably be useful.)

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