OK… so… remember how I said that I was totally romancing Lana on my next trip through Shadow of Revan after that disaster with Theron?  Welp I am and I did.

Because Fraps magically turned itself off at crucial moments, you will have to make do with my proxy Lana “screenie.”


Spoilers below!

There are ample opportunities to flirt with Lana before you even meet that idiot Theron.  However, you can still change course and flirt with him.  At the crucial flirt option, where you can flirt with Theron OR Lana (but not both), I chose Lana, if only to avoid another rehash of Oedipus Shan.  I dismissed Theron and the wookiee, at which point Jakarro has the best line in the game:


I’m pretty sure that hairless human bodies gross Jakarro out.

Lana’s conversation after that was about her work struggles in this difficult situation.  Which may or may not be better than mommy issues.  Then she says this:


Wait, what?  You’re already forecasting breaking up with Njessie the marauder after this whole Revan business comes to an end because we’ll be working “cross purposes?”  Um… we’re both empire, I fail to see the cross purposes.  Lana has some serious relationship issues.

Stay tuned for the epic completion of Yavin 4, after which Njessie is unceremoniously kicked to the curb.  Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: one sad sith.


Sith Always Kiss And Tell — 9 Comments

  1. If you don’t think Sith work at cross purposes, you haven’t really learned much about Sith. XD Or the Empire in general, for that matter.

    But don’t worry, things keep developing through Ziost, they don’t just drop things.

    • Anything is better than Theron’s half-assed “uh duh” response on Ziost. Bumping into your ex in the middle of a planetary rescue effort is so awkward.

      • Lana is so much better than Theron in general. And if you’re Dark Side, you and Lana are totally in-sync while Theron is just complaining in the corner, which is always fun.

  2. I just finished that encounter with Lana yesterday with my Sith Inq. and I got the take away that we would see each other again. I haven’t been to Yavin yet with this toon or Ziost. I hope we can romance her in the expansion.

    • That’s surprising! Which is good because Njessie the marauder has no other prospects. Seriously. QUINN.

      Maybe on the pub side Theron is a continuing interest as well… I wonder if he has any other implants that we should know about.

      • I can confirm that my Inquisitor’s relationship with Lana continued through and after Ziost. And since she’s a major character in the new expansion, I imagine it will continue there too (although that 5-year timeskip could pose some drama there).

  3. Okay the implant statement. Laugh out loud funny. I romanced theron on pub side and well. You know. I am hoping there is more in the xpan