Credits Or Lack Thereof — 5 Comments

  1. This is where my playstyle has made me lucky. I have millions of credits despite never doing a single daily purely by the virtue of having 18 characters. You get so much money going through Makeb + Rishii + Yavin + Ziost already, and having done it 10 times now I’ve had no problem getting all the stupidly expensive stuff I want (like spending 5 million on one of the Throne mounts, buying all kinds of dyes, and picking up any Cartel Market armors from the GTN).

    Also not having a kid. I hear that helps you have more money in both games *and* real life. XD

  2. Wow I have been looking at that outfit for a while too. Just curious, what server are you on. Prices fluctuate quite a bit I’ve found.

    • I’m on Jedi Covenant. I’ve been stalking the outfit for weeks and someone must have been really hung over to list for 2 mil. YOINK.

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