Romancing the Shan — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t know, I actually thought that was kind of funny the one time I decided to flirt with Theron. A BSOCK would really have been kind of random and inappropriate in that situation. Talking about mummy issues is random as well… but at least it makes the flirt options and relationship building about more than just the BSOCK.

  2. My BH passed up the chance to play no-pants tango with Lana as well; on the playthrough with my light-side Sith Warrior I’m going to try to woo Lana and prepare myself for the disastrous heartbreak that Sith minx will wreak.

    • Yeah that will play out in an interesting manner. It’s not like the breakup is inevitable quite the same way as it is when you’re opposite faction from your love interest and the alliance comes to a screeching halt. Probably Lana will say something along the lines of “Blah blah career, it’s not you it’s me…”

  3. Dummy, it’s because you romanced him as an imp, he’s naturally hesitant towards you because of that duh. If you romanced him on Pub you would have gotten a message instead of one from Lana. Lana IS your contact on the imspide, Theron is the contact for the Pubside. And where was the whining? He literally said like one sentence about his mom and quickly moved on

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