Guys, this is serious.  Are YOU ready to spend all your cartel coins that you’re getting for being subbed this last… almost-year?  I sure as hell am.

Let’s. Go. Shopping!

Saberist’s body armor.  150 cartel coins.  (Dulfy has a screenie.)  It’s kinda gray and it has NO hoodie or doodads, so there’s probably already a crafted equivalent on the imp side.  Trust me, I can find pants and gloves and boots on my own, and they WILL match with colormatch.

Street Slicer’s Longcoat.  150 cartel coins.  Again, a totally imp item that I wants it, precious.  It’s for my smuggler.  A proper duster with no goggles around the neck.  Do you know how dumb it is to be wearing goggles on your face AND around your neck?  VERY DUMB.

Public Service announcement: Before buying a fashion item, do your research and make sure that it’s something you can’t get any other way.  Some of these things are unique, while many are identical to (cheap!) craftable items or items easily obtainable with comms.  You should consult to see what is out there (for your faction/armor class) before spending real money. I am also happy to answer questions about whether I recognize an item model.

Additional Cargo Bay, 1050 for entire account.  Hell. Yes. I am so out of space it’s not even FUNNY.  Yes, I can store stuff on my alts and mail it back to the appropriate crafter when it’s needed, but the pain in the ass factor on that is just terrible.  If I can get a 4th cargo bay, I’m all over that.

Now, there are things I will buy eventually, and not right now, but have plans for when I gather enough cartel coins by virtue of subscribing.

Invisible Shirt (Covert Torso Energy Armor).  Unfortunately, it comes in those silly random packs, and I’m not buying one of those anytime soon, I have too many other priorities.  I’m not sure which companion is going to wear it… with the belsavis slave collar.  I’m such a jerk.

Outlaw’s armor set, 1200 CC.  Pricey but hawt.  It seems to be a recolor of the corellia social gear, plus kneeboots, so in an ideal world I’d be able to buy the jacket separately for a reasonable price, and just colormatch the rest, but it’s a package deal (sulk).

Unlock Ship Mailbox (350 CC), Unlock Ship Vendor (250CC) , Galactic Market Kiosk (900 CC).  With all these things on my ship I’d never have to leave.  I will never ever grind enough cash for these in-game, but if I save up my cartel coins month to month, it’s doable.  Unless I blow it all on fashion first.

Want to be cool like me?  Make a wishlist on SWTOR SPY.  See, on the right, there are all the things I want.

And then the price tag.  Oh… 4000+ cartel coins?  Groaaaan.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me the $40 cartel coin pack so my toons (and their companions) can look swanky.

XOXO, me

Do you have plans for Day 1 purchases?


Free-To-Play Shopping List — 11 Comments

  1. What’s this Belsavis slave collar you speak of?

    I’m actually really unsure about what to spend my coins on. I’ll probably buy one or two of those random packs for funsies, but otherwise I don’t know. I’m mostly happy with my current characters’ looks, and I want to see how the credit prices for items bought on the market shake out first, once they unbind and people can start selling them on the GTN.

    Also, I’m paranoid about keeping a stash of coins “in the bank” so to speak, so that if they suddenly release something that I want NOW NOW NOW, I can get it without having to spend extra; so I’m afraid of spending too much right away. 😛

  2. I’ll be picking up one of the mando chests as well as the adaptive heavy armor look sets. So i can outfit my healing smuggler to look like a mandalorian 🙂 Gotta be fashionable for when i start raiding with you guys.

      • I’m level 40. Almost there. I was trying to get it before FTP but it looks like i’ll miss it by a day or so.

        • Um you’re supposed to ask for a guild invite! Nerd! Get your butt tagged already. (Seriously!)