Free-To-Play Shopping List — 11 Comments

  1. What’s this Belsavis slave collar you speak of?

    I’m actually really unsure about what to spend my coins on. I’ll probably buy one or two of those random packs for funsies, but otherwise I don’t know. I’m mostly happy with my current characters’ looks, and I want to see how the credit prices for items bought on the market shake out first, once they unbind and people can start selling them on the GTN.

    Also, I’m paranoid about keeping a stash of coins “in the bank” so to speak, so that if they suddenly release something that I want NOW NOW NOW, I can get it without having to spend extra; so I’m afraid of spending too much right away. 😛

  2. I’ll be picking up one of the mando chests as well as the adaptive heavy armor look sets. So i can outfit my healing smuggler to look like a mandalorian 🙂 Gotta be fashionable for when i start raiding with you guys.

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