[Screenshots] I Went Cartel Shopping and Didn’t Break the Bank (Yet) — 14 Comments

      • I keep forgetting Njessi, My new work schedule + the ridonculous drive to where i’m staying is messing with me a bit. I’ll hit one of you’s guys up tonight or tomorrow for an invite. Please don’t hurt me…. *runs*

        • There will be people online tonight until the “wee-ish” hours, because we’re raiding. I won’t be on but you can ask Noreek or Kris or Grace or really anyone except the two other trials who can’t invite yet.

  1. Wait, you haven’t gone nuts trying out the random packs? That’s half the fun of cartel coins. I dunno about you guys but on my server (EBON HAWK) Carrick station sounded like it was under mortar attack all day yesterday.

    Plus, both my main and my alt got a new speeder – a recolored version of the one I already have. Blergh.

  2. I admire your restraint!

    I TRIED! I really did, but failed and ended up spending 100+ US dollars on the market! mostly on the crime lord packs! they are such a THRILL! they scratched a gambler’s itch I never knew I had…

    • Yeah… I don’t think Bioware needs to nickel-and-dime F2P people (hide head slot, etc) when they are probably going to be making money hand over fist from all these adorable items.

  3. Seriously – you find a Darth Nihilius mask and you’ll never want for credits again. I talked with some guildies and we decided if any of us got the mask we’d start the bidding at 2.5 million creds.

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