Remember when I first discovered the boot mismatch for orange armormech recipes (heavy armor, republic)?  I didn’t have all the recipes at the time and hypothesized that some boots got “swapped” and went with the wrong sets.

So now that I have all the boots, all the gloves, and most of the belts, I can say with certainty:

  • In a given set, the boots, gloves, and belt will match each other.
  • There are situations where there is NO match.  Not mixed up, just none exists.
  • I’m ignoring bracers, because they are pretty much under gloves, and I don’t have enough of them to figure out what matches what.

Here, let me show you the sets, you’ll see.  Keep in mind that I don’t have all the belts so if the belt doesn’t match, it’s probably the wrong one.  But hey, we’re focused on boots and gloves, right?

Electrum Onslaught. Just, no.  Why are the pants and chest dark green and the gloves, boots, belt ORANGE?  I can’t find a suitably matching set of greenish boots.  Seriously. You’ll see.

Diatium Onslaught. Blue and yellow? Really?  I can’t find a yellow set of boots. It doesn’t exist!

Commando Elite Set. This is just WRONG. (Ignore the belt).

Laqerous Mesh Set. I don’t know what to say. This one totally matches (ignore the belt, I don’t have it yet).  Although the commando elite boots and gloves (above) could also work.

Phobium Onslaught Set.  The set is pretty much gray so I’m not sure where the blue boots came from.

Chanlon Onslaught Set. Oh hey, finally orange! But the Electrum Onslaught orange crap doesn’t quite match.  I suspect these gray boots and gloves go with the gray phobium onslaught set, above.

Outcast Set. The phobium onslaught boots or the diatium onslaught boots, both blue, might work with this set.  Oh hey, there are the orange boots for the Chanlon Onslaught set. It may look like the gloves match the outcast set buuuut….

But when you look from the back, you see that the gloves have orange elbow pads. Clearly they go with the boots.

Tempered Laminoid Set. Hrm, it’s mostly red. Maybe it could go with the commando elite boots or the lacqerous mesh boots. Matching these up is HARD.  Also… more orange boots?

Commando Set. It looks like these gloves and boots match. Mostly.

Republic Trooper Set. (There is no hat, just ignore it).  Hrm, those boots and gloves seem… odd.

Hardened Plastifold set. What the fuckcrap? If the hardened plastifold and republic trooper chest/legs are identical, why would the boots and gloves be different between the sets?

As you can see, you will be relying pretty heavily on “match to chest” for many of these sets.  For some, you can mix and match between the sets to get the coordinated look that was obviously intended.  For other sets, there just do not exist matching boots and gloves.

I’ve noticed some mismatches in synthweaving gear (heavy, medium, and light) and in the medium armormech stuff, but most of the time it’s not as totally obvious as with the trooper stuff.  I don’t have enough experience sith-side to say what is going on with their versions of the gear.

Resilient Lacqerous set (lvl 35), including boots (lvl 31). The boots are so WRONG.

To be blunt, this pisses me off.  A lot.  I’ve busted my ass to get all the recipes only to discover that we’re going to have to rely on “match to chest” anyway – so I probably could have been a slacker on collecting those.  There are some subtle differences in models, but not THAT much variety.

When you are putting together your gear set, it’s not only OK to mix and match, it’s damn well necessary.  My technique so far is to find chest and pants that are the same set (or look good together), and then find a set of boots and gloves that match each OTHER but aren’t necessarily part of the same set as the chest/pants.  You don’t really see bracers, and belts will depend on your personal style of “belt doodads” or lack thereof.  Hats are also largely a matter of personal taste, if you even show them at all, and often will go just fine with another set.


Armormech Heavy Armor (Republic) Boot and Glove Mismatch — 6 Comments

    • They all look completely stupid! I have no earthly clue why they gave the new pieces names that imply that they go with existing sets – when this is clearly not the case for many of the new schematics.

  1. You know you would have collected them all anyway, and we love you for it 😛

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  3. I can’t believe there have been no responses from the devs about this! I’ve seen several posts in the forums but no one official has responded. This seems like a pretty big deal…not game breaking, but still!

    • Yeah I’m not impressed with this whole situation. Now when someone asks me for the xyz set, I have to launch into a whole explanation of why that might not be the best idea, match to chest, and the whole bit. I know I should be helping to educate by crafting the complete sets, modeling them, and then submitting screenies to Tor-fashion, but I just can’t bring myself to use all those resources and do all that work. So for now the dressing room will have to suffice.