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  1. Ugh, GMing. I did that back in WoW, and never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never


    will I do that again.

    I just came back to the game after a few months of absence (no pandas are to blame, just LARP season), and became reinvigorated to play again. My Scoundrel is a half-bubble from 50 right now. Unfortunately, in the meantime server transfers mean my guild is in disarray >.<

    What server are you on these days? Did you get moved in the consolidation?

    • Snark Side ended up on Canderous Ordo. After the initial hiccups of having a HUGE population, we are adjusting well. It’s nice to have a vital GTN, though sometimes I think I’m the only one who cares about that. However, when there are 45 people in the same zone doing dailies, I get very crabby.

      • Ahh. I went from Giradda the Hutt to The Shadowlands. It was a good change. At the end, my husband and I were often the only Republic players on Hoth.

        Unfortunately our guild still has not reassembled on Shadowlands, and it seemed to be losing members about as steadily as the game itself is >.< So I dunno what I'm going to do. I love raiding, but the three times I quit WoW, it was because of people being douches in raiding situations. I can't deal with being in a raiding guild full of people who are secretly misogynist a-holes just waiting to vent their spleen on my healing lekku.

        • Snark Side is accepting apps again (we have a few members, as mentioned, running off with the pandas). Downside is, of course, re-leveling on CO since they haven’t put in elective (paid) server transfers. However, we’re definitely not A-holes – now that I think about it, we have close to 50% female members, so misogynist bullshit doesn’t fly.

          Also, I customized the website and forums. True story.

  2. Something to consider! But yeah, I am somewhat adverse to re-leveling, so I’ll be looking for options on Shadowlands first, if F2P doesn’t bring a whole bunch of people back.

    The advantage of my guild now is that it is, literally, entirely people I know IRL or friends of people I know IRL. The basic rule is that you can invite anyone you want so long as they’re someone whose doorstep you can show up on if they act like jerks. Unfortunately, that rule kiiiind of limits the guild size >.<

    Nice work on the Snark Side site, btw.

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