Armormech Heavy Armor (Republic) Boot and Glove Mismatch — 6 Comments

    • They all look completely stupid! I have no earthly clue why they gave the new pieces names that imply that they go with existing sets – when this is clearly not the case for many of the new schematics.

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  2. I can’t believe there have been no responses from the devs about this! I’ve seen several posts in the forums but no one official has responded. This seems like a pretty big deal…not game breaking, but still!

    • Yeah I’m not impressed with this whole situation. Now when someone asks me for the xyz set, I have to launch into a whole explanation of why that might not be the best idea, match to chest, and the whole bit. I know I should be helping to educate by crafting the complete sets, modeling them, and then submitting screenies to Tor-fashion, but I just can’t bring myself to use all those resources and do all that work. So for now the dressing room will have to suffice.

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