So, until now, I played my characters in a way that felt “natural” for them.  This included killing the occasional asshole or breaking the jedi code, but it also included taking the high road to impress my companions (whom I wanted to BSOCK).  This landed my two lvl 50 characters somewhere around Light II or III.  Which means I’ve only seen the content through the lenses of a mostly-goody-goody.

My consular is planned to be evil.  I’m not doing that well at it.  When I did an “audit”, I had 900 light side points and 400 dark side points.  CRAP.  It just doesn’t feel LOGICAL to be an ass… as my story progresses, I’m basically led on rails through doing the bidding of the Jedi Council, and it’s really hard in my mind to reconcile that my character is EVIL yet continues to do the bidding of the Jedi Council.

Not Evil Enough

And some of the dark side/light side choices are just plain stupid. On the Tattooine quest chain, there’s this dude who has been trying to kill you for the entire planet.  At the final confrontation the choices are (1) Ur going to jail (light side) or (2) Sure I’ll take your bribe (dark side).  Hold on a sec.  I hate this guy (and hate is very darksidey)!  I don’t want to cooperate with him, ever!  I want to kill him in the FACE.  In that case, I’d just have to take the light side “hit” because cooperating with him is just unacceptable.

So we see a corollary to the “asshole rule” here:

Thou Shalt Not Suffer An Asshole To Live – but if killing him isn’t an option, for fuck’s sake, don’t cooperate with him!

Since seeing that I was on path to be light again, I focused really hard on being a rat bastard and I’m officially Dark 1.  I get to the asshole response and I grit my teeth and just DO it.  I admit, I’m cringing as my toon callously asks a wounded officer “Want me to put you out of your misery?”  But hey, I’m never gonna see the evil side of the stories if I don’t be (at least a little bit) evil, right?

She looks badass a little bit evil.

Fortunately, this time, my companion is Qyzen whom I’m not trying to BSOCK, and I don’t really care if he gives me the -1 of shame.  Or the -30 of shame.  Because he’s a fucking lizard.  I bought him some weapons.  Pretty, shinies, Qyzen.  Go sit under your heat lamp.  Strangely, he doesn’t disapprove of many of the dark side choices… and approves of some of them.  It sure beats trying to be evil around Kira, T7, or Corso, the goody-goodies.

If being a total jerk all the time fails, there’s always diplomacy to keep me at Dark 1 – evil out to the 10th decimal place, yo.


It’s Hard Being (A Little Bit) Evil — 6 Comments

  1. Go sit under your heat lamp.


    Qyzen is a bit of a weird one actually. I levelled my consular as more or less completely light side, and he rarely approved of that either. He doesn’t like it if you’re callous to weak or helpless people, but in general his attitude is very much one of “eat or be eaten”. So yeah, go ahead and kill people that harass you. They’ve earned it!

    • I like Qyzen’s attitude. I was forced to bring Tharan along for a few pieces of my story quest on Nar Shaddaa, and he disapproved all over the place. I plan on punishing him with an ugly customization kit.

  2. I like Qyzen–we had a sort of connection–although I had to play my light-side consular a little more on the Justice side than Mercy, to get points from him. That was all right, though. He was reasonably simple to understand, not like Zenith, who has major baggage . . .

    • Don’t all the cute ones always have baggage? But I can *change* him, right? (WTB BSOCK Zenith.)