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  1. My morality on my Bounty Hunter is pretty simple. Don’t kill unless that’s what you’re paid to do, but I’ll still beat the heck out of someone who is being a jerk (People of Alderaan… I’m looking at you.) Be respectful to a potential employer, be honorable in the hunt.

    My jedi, on the other hand, is a complete paladin. Lawful good, etc. Only kills when he is forced to, helps everyone he can, etc. etc. He’s only real weakness? Kira. You do not hurt Kira. She is his own personal berserk button.

    My trooper follows orders. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. There is doing what you’re told. She IS half robot after all.

    Also, the ESC key is your friend. I routinely hit a response going, “Yea. That’s close.” only to find the ‘Yes. I agree.’ response becomes “Glory to the Empire!” Wait… WHAT? No no no. I’m neutral! Esc! Let’s try that again.

    • Oh yeah, I did use the esc key just last night to avoid the -30 of SHAME. I didn’t know I could get that much shame. OMG SHAME.

  2. My trooper generally follows orders, while trying to be merciful. She’ll sometimes snark at and defy her superiors though if they try to sacrifice too many small people on the altar of the Greater Good.

    I also made an Imperial Agent, and so far I’ve been playing her as kind of… fickle really. She’s loyal to the Empire and respects the Sith, but as far as random encounters go she’ll be nice if she likes the person and rude if she finds them annoying, regardless of the overall morality of their requests. In terms of light/dark side this has worked out as very neutral so far, which sounds about right.

    • I find it funny that if you are morally neutral, it means you do some amazingly good acts and some really atrocious acts and they somehow balance. I feel like being morally neutral should involve you doing some half-assed act with which nobody is really happy.

  3. My inquisitor started out fair and even submissive, but constant shame from companions toughened her up. Though when push comes to shove *cough cough getting dark/light side points* I’ll take the light side option. @_@

    My agent, low level as she is, has always sold to the highest bidder and inspired chaos. And I love it.

    • I feel like backstory has a lot to do with how comfortable you are defying your companions and interacting with NPCs. If you are in a position by choice (like you WANTED to join the jedi academy) it doesn’t even make SENSE to then turn around and be a jerk to the people you chose to be with.

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  5. Just discovered your blog – my main’s a smuggler, too, and I feel very similarly. He’ll do anything for the credits, and I always ask about that when I can, much to my husband-the-shiny-good-trooper’s dismay. Victimless crimes are all okay, in my smuggler’s book.

    But I very much play him as a playboy, too, who flirts with everyone he can. But really, there’s only one woman for him, and that’s Risha.

    … okay, there was that one-night thing with Beryl Thorne. If that even counts.

    … and he does still keep the email Syreena sent him when he left Ord Mantell.

    And the flirting with Governor Saresh? That meant nothing! She was just a fine piece of Twi’lek… lady….

    Oh, how the tag “Corso the Boy Scout” made me laugh. He’s a little too ingenuous for me… I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than the -1 of shame, though. My biggest frustration with him is the harpoon shot overeagerness, combined with the fact that my husband’s trooper ALSO has a harpoon shot now. They like to play tug-of-war with it.

    • Ok, you lost me at Risha. I HATE HER SO MUCH. It’s so irrational, I know. The worst part is that every time I snark off to Risha, both the boys (Corso & Wookiee now) give me the parallel popup -1 of Shame. Even if they’re off on missions. It blows my mind.

      Thankfully, Bowdaar approves of my actions, more or less. If it looks like I have to smack a woman in the face, he’s my backup. Although if I end up saving her, I’m sad that Corso wasn’t there to give me extra points for being nice to the ladies.

      As a smuggler, have you noticed that you’re beyond screwed if you end a conversation and get thrown into combat? Ugh. If I can SET UP my combat with stealth and crowd control and all that other crap that the game gives me then I have a good chance of success. If I’m tossed into combat by surprise, I can’t stealth. And if I crowd control, it’s broken by Corso’s abilities that either I did not turn off (not knowing combat was about to occur) or magically turned themselves back on because they hate me. ARGH. Just don’t even bother to turn off Corso’s hated harpoon shot. He’ll turn it back on again. Cry.

      • As a smuggler, have you noticed that you’re beyond screwed if you end a conversation and get thrown into combat?

        Yeah, it definitely can be tricky >.< I had problems with that in the final stages of my storyline on Coruscant, when you're supposed to go beat up the guy Skavak hired to pimp out your ship. Kinda humiliating to go all "WHERE'S MY SHIP?" with a blaster pistol to the guy's head and then get your ass handed to you.

        Of course most of the time I'm lucky, in that I have my own pocket tank. No, not Corso, but my husband's trooper/vanguard. A much better tank than Corso 🙂 Although, he claims the only thing worse than Corso tanking is having compete with Corso. ("If only my harpoon shot were on a 15 second cooldown!" he grumbles as I write this)

        Disappearing Act also helps with those types of situations – now that I have it.

        I don't have the wookiee yet – I'm level 25 and just got to Nar Shaddaa, opting to do ALL THE QUESTS on Taris.

        I have another question for you – and maybe you've covered it elsewhere, but I haven't explored your blog in full yet – which is: One of the settings the game REFUSES to remember is that, goddammit, I don't want cover bar enabled.

        Maybe if I were a Gunslinger and had more cover abilities than Charged Shot and Sabotage Charge, I would, but as is I just stick them at the end of my bar and use them rarely. When – on the rare occasions I do go into cover – I find that suddenly my Charged Shot is where something else used to be, it drives me MAD. And every time I change zones it re-enables the damn thing!

        Or maybe you like the cover bar…

        • Ah. For my cover bar, I put everything exactly where it is on my normal bar, except I put charged shot etc (cover-only abilities) in the same place as kick/pistolwhip etc figuring that I’m not going to be kicking and pistolwhipping from cover. Every time I get a new ability, I go into cover to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be.

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