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  1. I’ve been dabbling on Empire side and quite enjoyed my Imperial Agent so far, but on the whole I have to say that Empire side is kind of overrated in my opinion. *ducks* I levelled an Inquisitor through the starting area, and it made me laugh because of just how over the top eeebil it was (the instructor calling you slave in a nasty voice in every single sentence, bathing skulls in blood), but I found that it made it hard for me to actually relate to my character.

    In other words: your “Yay, I get to be snarky all the time!” is my “God, are there no options on this dialogue wheel that don’t make me sound like a complete dickwad?”

    • I was actually ok with the “dickwad” options in that case because, well, that asshole is calling me “slave” every 20 seconds, I should be hostile toward him. It never occurred to me to pick the “normal” options and see if it sounded polite.

  2. If you think it’s funny to watch the rocks appear out of nowhere as a Consular, wait until you see you’re pulling R-2 units out of the ground and pitching them at targets. I keep expecting to hear that little R2-D2 squeal as it flies through the air . . .

  3. “I don’t have a server on which sithie friends are playing (you know, to have an alt join them)”

    WHA?! I don’t even remember being asked! I’m on Juyo, Space Slug AND Begeren Colony on the Imperial side. (Juyo and Begeren Colony also has some republic toons). THERE! Now you have “Friends on the Other Side”. 😛

    Really the Imperial side tends to play out like a conquering army, which is fitting. You show up on a world and conquer it for the Empire. But so far in terms of class stories, Bounty Hunter has a lot of room to be ‘not a jerk’, as does the Agent from what I can understand. The light-side Sith Warrior plays more like a honorable dark knight, and the Inquisitor… well, the inquisitor ranges from Batman’s The Joker to frickin’ Plato depending on how you play them. It has a shocking amount of range.

    (Also, hear ya on the Jedi Knight. If you’re not rolling ‘pure paladin’, they don’t have a ton of personality. That’s what Kira and T7 are for I guess.)

    • I’m actually on the republic side on Juyo, and the rest of the guild doesn’t want to roll empire on that server because we’re all gonna run out of alt slots.

      Shall I make a pitch for joining the Snark Side? We’re awesome like that.

      Honestly, screwing around anywhere but my own faction on my own server is counterproductive for our super srs mission of raiding-and-stuff. At least with an alt on the same-side, same-server I can do some crafting/gathering that will help out raiding in the long run.

      In general, I like the personality/story of non-force-classes better (both empire and republic side) but I am finding the combat gameplay of the lightsaber classes more suited to my playstyle.

      I guess I’ll just have to live with the personality of a wet napkin. As it so happens, the consular has actually gotten better in terms of being less goody-goody than the knight. Last night I got to say “get to the point or get out of my sight.” And no T7 to give me a -1 of SHAME.

      • If you play any Imperial class, I implore you, please, play the agent. I know the playstyle can be rough. But seriously, you want snark? We got it. You want coolness? We got it. You want Space-James Bond, complete with Space-Jaguar and our own snarky little companion (Kaliyo), BABY WE GOT THAT.

        But really, the agent’s storyline is summed up best in this little part of dialogue at the end of Chapter 1.

        Watcher: Agent, we’re running out of time.
        Agent: What’s the cost? How many will be sacrificed?
        Watcher: Ten to twenty million. The cost has been deemed acceptable.
        Agent: Acceptable? The human cost isn’t acceptable … to ME!

        *queue awesome hero moment holy fucking shit i’m fucking awesome GAAAAHHHH!*

        I may be bad, but I’m the good type of bad, the type of bad that really thinks he’s good and does the wrong things for the right reasons!

  4. Come to Tarro’s Blood, I got a baby Female Sith Inquistor too. We can totally do the Assassin thing together, in our bras and panties.

    Wait?…where was I?….Nevermind.

  5. Being an altaholic helps with decisions like this. You just play them all. All eight classes. On both sides. And if you’ve forgotten how one class plays by the time you get back to that class, you can always start over. Same, if you don’t like the looks of your 2 week old alt anymore, go to another server and make yet another one. You also have to consider the different voice acting between male and female toons.

    And you always need to check how that class would look when played as a Chiss.

  6. I’m amused that your Inquisitor looks like Zash.

    I’m sorry you don’t have a good place to roll Empire. That’s sad! My friends were playing republic on my server until I ninja-rolled an Empire alt and converted them all to the dark side.

    I was playing a Jedi Knight and couldn’t get into my class story and had some of the same issue with things feeling too wooden and predictably generic goodguyish.

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