Being A Good Person Is Not Enough To Be A Good Jedi — 13 Comments

  1. My sentinel has become my main as well, and the only dark side points I’ve racked up on her so far (she’s 44) are from BSOCKing Doc. 🙂 I’ve purposely gone light all the way, but the Doc thing is just too hilarious to not do it.

    Though… Marry? You can do that? Hah, I have to give him more presents and see if I can get that option too!

    • I won’t spoil it for you, but everything about Doc is HILARIOUS. Including his love notes. Keep giving that dude courting gifts.

  2. I think the Jedi are being presented as your classic, Lawful Good Paladin. You have a Code. Your Code is more important than anything else. Breaking the Code is BAD™. Whether that Code, as presented, is anything anyone in their right minds would want to follow might be the point 🙂

    • The inflexibility of the Code is also a great plot point for Jedi characters … the Code is black and white while the player is living in a gray world. The Code is inflexible for a reason and it provides a great backdrop for the storylines.

    • I find this double standard unacceptable! She’s your student or former student. That should be WORSE than BSOCKing the good doctor…

    • I am actually a little troubled by that… it smacks of “a man (jedi) who sleeps around is a hero, but a woman (jedi) who BSOCKs someone even once is a dirty whore.” Probably not enough to be established as a pattern just yet, but I don’t love it. Double standards are bad, Jedis! Mmmkay?!

      • Well I’m pretty sure that female consulars do not get DS points for getting it on. Maybe it’s because Doc is a man-whore?

  3. Wow those are some rough things to get saddled with dark side points for. I don’t really get the system sometimes either. I play Empire and often get light side points for lying, for example. Mind you, lies Empire side often mean someone doesn’t get in trouble or that someone’s evil sith work is sabotaged, but I’m still not sure it’s ‘good’ to falsify evidence and such.

    I find it a little odd that the Jedi are so unforgiving of minor infractions or grey areas, considering Obi-Wan’s line about how “only a Sith deals in absolutes”. Or something along those lines.

    I’m surprised to hear that helping the military is considered bad Republic side too. I assumed I got dark side points for helping them as Empire because well.. I always get dark side points for doing anything that helps the Empire. I didn’t realize this might be part of a larger anti-military theme.

    • From the little empire I played, it was bizarre what the light side options were. I did get light side points for sabotaging someone’s work, but it wasn’t really for a good cause – it was due to another sith’s petty annoyance. How is THAT a light side choice?

      • I remember that quest and I think that is actually a fitting example of light/dark not being the same as good/bad. The guy whom you sabotaged was researching ways to make the dark side stronger. By undermining his work you thus supported the light, in a roundabout way.

  4. There’s a quest on Ord Mantell where an old couple want to try to find their son. He was kidnapped by seperatists years ago, drugged and brainwashed and used as a child soldier. When you find him, you get Light Side points for sending this abused and messed up kid off to the spaceport where he can have his life wrecked even further trying to survive offworld and penniless. You get Dark Side points for sending him back to his family where he can be looked after and loved.

    • Yeah I never understood that one. I guess it’s dark side because you know he won’t GO home? I’d like an option to tranq that little brat and drag him back.

      There’s also a weird one where you are asked to retrieve a necklace, and on the way you meet a dude who says “no, I’m SIS, ya know, the good guys, you should totally give that things to me.” But despite my asking, he shows no credentials. Why is it light side, then, to hand over the doodad to him?

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