It’s Hard Being (A Little Bit) Evil — 6 Comments

  1. Go sit under your heat lamp.


    Qyzen is a bit of a weird one actually. I levelled my consular as more or less completely light side, and he rarely approved of that either. He doesn’t like it if you’re callous to weak or helpless people, but in general his attitude is very much one of “eat or be eaten”. So yeah, go ahead and kill people that harass you. They’ve earned it!

    • I like Qyzen’s attitude. I was forced to bring Tharan along for a few pieces of my story quest on Nar Shaddaa, and he disapproved all over the place. I plan on punishing him with an ugly customization kit.

  2. I like Qyzen–we had a sort of connection–although I had to play my light-side consular a little more on the Justice side than Mercy, to get points from him. That was all right, though. He was reasonably simple to understand, not like Zenith, who has major baggage . . .

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