Chapter 11: Skytroopers, Swamp, And Seasickness — 3 Comments

  1. I’m highly impressed by the amount of cat puns you managed to fit into this post. I mean, Winston Furchill? Wow.

    How can you not like the swamp? It’s pretty, there are lots of flowers to pick, and at least it gives you a little bit of freedom of movement as opposed to the narrow walkways of Zakuul City.

    Saresh’s term ended and someone new got elected (because of the Republic being a democracy and all) but she’s still pulling the strings from the background, making the whole thing kind of moot. And I, too, was surprised that the missions about meeting her on Taris have been downgraded to side quest status! They’ve made some odd choices in terms of what counts as the main storyline on a few lowbie planets: it’s the same on Coruscant, where the “main storyline” is now the one about the Gree droids. I really like that one, but I would have thought that the stuff about the senators and the gangs in the various parts of town would have been more relevant to know.

    I don’t know anyone who isn’t tired of skytroopers. Though in this chapter, they gave some of them little lamps on their helmets that they didn’t have before! Variety!

    And I’m sorry to hear that you managed to make yourself seasick.

    • I suppose glowing skytroopers are a slight improvement… Lamps, huh? I agree about the coruscant missions too. I expected the senate/gang plotline to be the main one. As it was, the gree plotline being front-and-center was actually a bit annoying because the gree are all the way in the back of the senate building and may be missed if you’re not roaming around.

  2. So… after Za BEEG UPDATE, if you want to get Saresh mission, etc, you have to open your map and click on the upper right hand corner where it says “Enable Exploration Missions” or something to that effect. Those missions are now hidden unless you make with the clickee.

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