Chapter 12: Visions In The Snark — 4 Comments

  1. This was a weird chapter for me. Its also the only chapter of KotFE where I died. How did I die you might ask… from one of the many beasties? from the extreme uberness of Valkorion or perhaps Vayla? No, no, and… no. No ma’am, in a spasm of directional impairment I turned and ran the wrong way and… I fell off the edge of the world. Yep. Who knew Odessen was flat?

    At this point, I’m barely playing SWTOR, since I’ve found another MMO (yep… there’s always another stone waiting to be turned) which is sucking up most of my gaming time. I am checking in for all of the monthly updates, but not doing heroics, star fortresses or much of anything else, and that has made the last two monthly installments seem odd and disjointed for me. I didnt hate them, but they havent exactly been compelling either.

    My Sith Sorcerette (yep.. dude playing a chick.. but you know what? whoever the woman is who does the Inquisitor’s voice is freaking awesome. I could listen to her be evil all day) did flirt with with Satele because.. of course.. and where could it possibly go?

  2. Yeah, KotFE is really clunky if you’re not playing a force user. I tried with my smuggler and couldn’t get through the first couple chapters. Sticking to my guardian and Inq from here on out

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