Making Cash With Dyes — 4 Comments

  1. I used to be making crystals and sell them for cash, with some of the reputation dyes on the side. The prices have dropped insanely hard the past couple of months, though, so I’ll have to go look for something else to craft – probably indeed the dyes. I hate navigating through that huge dye list, though. I know, I’m lazy. :$

  2. Perfect reverse psychology … psyching me up to think dyes are hard to make so you can hog all the profits! I see your mind Njessi, you would take the dye profits to Sauron!

    Wait, shit, wrong genre. Also, reading about making dyes just exhausted me, so I doubt I’ll be crafting them any time soon.

    • The hardest part is managing all the mats. My method is “I want to make Dye X. I cannot craft it. Which mat am I missing? Send out idiot for that mat.”

      • This is why the Legacy Vault is the bestest. I stuff all the crystals in it and you can craft while running around and killing stuff. I have several archaeology toons and they all dump their crystals in that legacy vault. Of course, now that I have all that level ten awesome armor from the crate drops I am having some competition for space in the Legacy vault. 🙁 >shakes fist at Bioware< Why must expanding the vault again cost sooo much!

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