This Is Madness [Sparta Joke Here] — 4 Comments

  1. My Sorc is Madness spec’ed. Part of the fun is getting to pick from a variety of options when offing mobs. I think this one will die of lightning. That one of crushing darkness. Etc. Plus…Khem Val is awesome.

    • I like Khem Val, he’s cracking me up. We got into Tattooine and he says “Someone told me that I have a perfect Sabacc face. That was a joke. I hate Sabacc.” Mmkay, Khemmy. He also loves it when I’m evil, so I feel slightly less bad about being a total ass.

  2. Ah, evil SI. So much fun. *shock* “Where’s my family heirloom saber?” *shock* “Gimme my saber.” *shock* “Woot, thanks for my saber–oh, and just for good measure–” *shock*

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. Simply amazing. Thank you for providing with me with hours of reading enjoyment whilst at work today. I love you. Please keep up the excellent work. I play primarily Sniper/Slinger, but have been toying with the notion of creating a Jedi Knight. Your enthusiasm for the class (and this amazing game) is infectious. I may take the plunge. Cheers!

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