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    • Oh wow I had no idea. I mean, I know that y’all have mentioned me on CRR a few times due to pingbacks and due to just simply listening to the podcast, though not every podcast. I suppose I’m adding to the problem by not diligently supporting the podcasting community better. I read far more than I listen to podcasts, just because it’s hard for me to get the time to listen, except in the car (whereas I can always snatch a few minutes to skim something.) OK, I will do better at podcast listening, dammit.

      • Yeah, I think we have probably only linked maybe 3-4 articles, but we mention you more than we link you, especially regarding the Hall of Shame haha! I know Ootinicast also mentions you quite a bit. Your articles are highly entertaining!

  1. Agree with the others that your blog is awesome. I’m not into fashion, but 1) you discuss other stuff too, 2) your writing is good enough that I still enjoy the fashion dos and don’ts. Plus I haven’t seen my toons in your hall of shame. Yet. I do have two shirtless tanks (male) who have no fashion sense whatsoever (is that one word? cause I’m using it that way).

    • Doh! Forgot to say, I totally appreciate your attitude towards the Cantina. We’ve got folks who are diligent on the news and were I there, I’d just take advantage of the opportunity to nerd it up with fellow star wars nerds.

      • It was super-fun that way! Also: the food was good. I hadn’t eaten dinner because I was in a rush so I took much more than my fair share of the grub.

      • They’re empire side only, so I think I’m safe for now, especially combined with my casual play schedule. I would be happy to pose though if it happened (I’m on JC). At least I don’t slut up my companions though, right? Have a great Sunday/week.

  2. Bah, there are definitely more than five of us! Blog reading is just a bit of a niche activity I think, even more so in the SWTOR community, which seems to be more focused on podcasts and video streamers from what I’ve gathered (or maybe that’s just my impression).

    Nice to hear that you had a good time though. (Makes me wonder if they’ll have another London Cantina eventually, hmm…)

    And reminders about the Hall of Shame are always useful, there was so much stuff in there that I hadn’t seen yet! I liked the term “mullet of outfits” – I ran into a similar one almost immediately after seeing that picture, so I had to do a double-take to check that it wasn’t the same one person (it wasn’t :P).

    • I swear blogging wasn’t *always* a niche, at least not in wow. SWTOR was released after twitter, podcasting, and live streaming became more popular, so the community has developed slanted in that direction. I guess I’m just stubborn about the written word (of more than 140 characters).

  3. I read and I don’t even play SWTOR anymore. I like keeping an eye on the game though, and you are good about touching base on updates and changes and the newest…uh…fashion trends. Keep on it.

  4. Your blog is great, btw. Have been reading since launch and seems like a good time to say thanks for the entertainment. You should add a donate button.

    • Fortunately, my costs are low because I piggyback the hosting on my husband’s guild website 🙂 Shared webspace stretches pretty far, especially when I reduce bandwidth with a caching plugin.

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