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  1. My raid team really needs an operative healer! So I’m gonna finish leveling my operative from 43 to 55 if possible. Fingers crossed!

    • The early 40’s are a perfect time to use double xp weekend because you probably won’t need to do any bonus series. My favorite thing to do in that level range is to skip all the voss side quests and just do the story quests on voss – because I hate voss.

  2. My gunslinger is slogging through Hoth. He gets all the screen time. Going to get him as high as possible.

    Of course, our Little Jedi is really little (15 months) so a couple of well placed tantrums could torpedo the whole idea

  3. As one of the few members of the anti-double-XP brigade, I guess this’ll give me an excuse to finish off some bits and pieces on my stable of max level characters! Maybe do some dailies and macrobinocular/seeker droid quests.

    • I’m not a fan of double xp weekends being at the time of BW’s choosing, because it is a lot of pressure to cram it in, and what if you’re on vacation? What would be awesome is if we got a freebie xp “token” redeemable on a character of your choosing for a full week of double xp on that toon. Kind of like the redeemable name change.

  4. Unsure how much playtime I’ll get since I’ll be at home with family and/or traveling, but I’ll probably try to get my smuggler, commando, and operative to 55, or possibly just power my funslinger and shadow through planets I hate. The beauty of having 14 toons on JC and being away from the game for the last 12 months (minus a few weeks here and there) is there are plenty of options.

    • Heh, I am on JC too and I just bought some extra character slots (they were on sale, 50% off) so I won’t be starved for fun-alts (“funslinger” lol!)

  5. I’m considering leveling up a new character on another server. I’m curious as to how high level warzones are on another server, but not 1800 Cartel Coins curious (which is technically 3600 to transfer back). In general, I dislike leveling characters so it’s not overly tempting.

    Or, I might try and do some warzones with my little level 13 Agent. I just finished decking him out in the new Formal Tuxedo ensemble. I’ve been dying to do some ‘Bowcasters and Bowties’ warzones, all decked out in fancy duds.

    • Because of all the legacy stuff I’ve unlocked, I don’t really want to go on another server, ever. It seems like too much trouble to leave all that awesome stuff behind.

  6. Lucky that your folks are coming to you! We’re on the hook to travel, which means that I’ll spend most, if not all, of the bonus weekend without access to game.

    The time I do have will be spent on my Warrior, who just started Chapter 3. It’s not my favorite class because of how squishy it is – abusing Treek’s stance swap definitely helps with this – and I want it over with so I can do a character transfer. Also, having finished using Quinn for the legacy presence unlock and 10K rep achievement, I’m seriously considering a minigame where I deliberately try to see how much affection I can lose with him between now and the end. 🙂

    • Ugh traveling sucks. I generally avoid it because traveling with a kid is just plain unpleasant. Also, my mom lives in a significantly colder climate than I do, so she’s all too happy to come to my house and avoid the snow.

      I assume your warrior is a marauder, since you say it’s squishy? Yes, toward the end it’s pretty squashy. I still use Treek as a healer though and muscle through the hits.

      One thing I found is that Cloak of Pain should be used early and often. 60 second cd, and the tooltip says “Reduces all damage taken by 20% and deals 305 energy damage to attackers. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds. Cloak of Pain refreshes to its full duration when attacked, but this effect cannot last more than 30 seconds in total.” If you are the one getting hit, and your CoP keeps refreshing, you’re looking at 30 seconds uptime, with a 1 min cd = half the time you have a damage reduction on you.

      As much as I hate Quinn, he does have a single-target CC which Treek lacks. Something to consider if you’re having issues with big groups. It wasn’t enough of a deal breaker for me to get Quinn out of cold storage. He’s still standing on the bridge in his yellow and green miniskirt of SHAME.

  7. I managed to get my sniper from 18 to 54 and my commando from 50 to 54. I ran out of time to finish them both, but I was mostly concerned with being able to equip level 54 weapons, so I’m good there.

    Now, I need another 2xp weekend so I can level my vanguard (18) and merc (18). Or, I’ll just use one of them for GS, but it’s so hard to choose.

    • Dang. My double xp weekend managed to get my powertech from about 15 to 36, but the rest of the slog I’m going to have to do under normal xp.

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