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  1. I can explain why they took no action. I’m not defending the name and I am someone who hates to see that kind of shit; I would have reported him too if I didn’t already know it wouldn’t do any good. It’s because Bioware has an open policy about names.

    If you look at the server selection screen when you launch the game, anytime you click on a server it will give a little info about the server environment in a box at the bottom of the screen. The majority of servers say “There will be no special rules enforcement for naming or chat on this server”. There are a few of the RP servers that do not say this, but the server we are on does. They can name themselves whatever they want and spew any kind of filth in general chat they want.

    It’s just where you want your kids to hang out, eh?

    • Ahhh, I think you’re not quite right about the “special naming rules.” Basically there ARE special naming rules on RP servers which prevent you from naming your character something appropriate but not fitting with the Star Wars Universe, such as Soccermom or Footballguy. Same as for chat. On an RP server, you can report someone for discussing in general chat the latest episode of House.

      Having said that, Bioware has said that they aren’t going to enforce RP stuff on RP servers, which is making the RP-ers mad… blah blah. I’m not sure why the RP servers then have different descriptions than the normal servers, but there you have it.

      Here is a link to the naming rules that apply to everyone. Even our server where “no special naming rules apply.” Vulgar names are still a no-no.

      • I’ve seen that same ‘Naming Rules’ list and it’s completely not enforced any where.

        My RP server (Begeren Colony) has the same “There is no enforcement of naming or chat, etc” junk in the server description. Thought it was weird at first, but it explains the abundance of “Blobmarley” and “Jedisux” like names I’ve seen.

        However, there is apparently a list of ‘invalid names’ that you cannot choose in character creation. You get an ‘Invalid Name’ error message rather than a ‘Name already taken’ message. I assume this comes mostly into play when you try to use a name that belongs to an NPC or a famous star wars character (I haven’t tested much, but it did not let me choose ‘Roland’ or ‘Alaric’ for some reason). Apparently, deliberate misspellings are fine though, as I have at least seen one Hanssolo.

        But to be fair, people on twitter were kind enough to point out this might be his ancestor “Hans Solo”. From Space Europe.

  2. Their CS HQ is based in Ireland. The CS rep could have genuinely not known what the issue was if its not a common word over there.

    • Don’t know about that, every Irishmen ive ever met knows what that means they dont use it as much as say the brits or the americans. But considering out of my group of friends nearly a quarter were irish born and raised for the first 13-20 years of their life (and knew it when they came over here (Australia where the word is used a little too lightly)

  3. My original name was Foretwenty,and on 3rd day of early release they made me change it,and that’s a heckuva lot more tolerable than that awful name.Unreal.

    • Well I think once they realize what it means, they will TOTALLY make him change it. If I see him yapping in general chat again, I will be right pissed.

      • I also reported him and my ticket was closed without comment. If I see him yammering in general chat again, some poor Irish Protocol Droid is going to be getting a very detailed explanation of what exactly I find offensive about the name. ><

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