Companion Gifts Explained: A Tale of Trial and Error — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks, this was very informative without being too… mathy? I kind of want to avoid min-maxing in this game where RPing is so much more fun. I mean, you can generally get a good idea of what your companion might like from the way they are introduced. My anarchistic mercenary likes weapons? No way! Not to mention that even trial and error can be fun – I laughed when I gave Kaliyo some sort of animal skull and her response was: “Shove off and take that with you!” “Indifferent” doesn’t quite cover that… 😛

    Then again, so far all of my characters have had at least one mission skill that provides gifts so it’s not as if I’ve been wasting any money. I just hand out whatever I get… plus I enjoy giving my companions gifts that they just brought home for me.

    • Absolutely! And if you want extra laughs – well, this hasn’t happened to me (yet), but to my best friend: one of his companions regularly sends him companion gifts in the mail, as part of their storyline. So he regifts them – right back to the same companion!

      I keep telling him he’s tacky, but the long-suffering companion doesn’t complain!

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