Choices Coming Back To Bite You Later — 10 Comments

        • At the time, I didn’t have another companion. Now I think I’ll bring the wookiee along when the quest involves dealing with “the ladies.” Although I did kill a lady and Bowdaar remarked (without the -1 of shame) “was she a worthy foe?” Well, uh, she did try to KILL me. Obviously ineptly, but she did. So yeah, shoot in face. What IS it with my stupid companions?

  1. sorry to say but it’s only an ilusion of choice.

    Did that quest twice (once in beta once in live) and at least the “kill” and “punch” options have the same ending (maybe a few sentences diferent, but really minor).

    • While I am unsure how they did THAT (arrr I’m a zombie chiiick!) I’m not surprised. In a game of this scale, it is just too resource-intensive to have too many branching paths, and I’m sure they have the paths converge to the extent practicable. ZOMBIEEEEES!

  2. It’s actually one of the things I love most about Aric Jorgen (my Trooper’s love-muffin.) If it’s for the Republic, he likes it. And there are times when ‘for the Republic’ is NOT for the Light Side.

    I’ve made ‘I KILL YOU!’ dark side options in the name of fighting treason and upholding a good military stance on the Republic and my Aric gets little hearts over his head.

    In a very important class scene, I experimented with a Light Side choice and didn’t get the -1 of shame from Aric. I got a -30 ‘No Nookie for YOU’ response. When Aric doesn’t like a decision, he goes all the way!

    • I’ve rarely gotten the -30 of shame, but it has happened. Fortunately, you can erase that with just one present!

      As for Aric Jorgan the “love muffin”, I’m both intrigued and grossed out.

      • Grossed out? By my alien cat man? Pshaw.

        It’s funny, I’m at like 8K plus affection with him and he’s just now decided to flirt. Big block of ice, that man. And voiced by Tim Omundsen? Hells yes!

        Actually, my favorite part of the whole companions thing was when our guild was just getting our bearings and I mentioned something about my ‘love muffin’ and a guildmate said ‘You have a love muffin? I have a lizard.’

        Poor Jedi Consulars and their cold-blooded first companions. (Although the Knights get a droid. An adorable droid, yes, but still a droid.)

        I’d say that lady Troopers and Smugglers start off very strong when it comes to the romance options. Uptight Cathar military men and charming farm-boys from Space-Georgia.

        I haven’t gone very far on the Empire side yet so I don’t know what those gals get at the moment.

        Still, it’s an aspect of the game that I’m really enjoying. The ability to really forge a relationship with your companions (or have a really crappy one) based on the choices you make.

        • Yeah, although it may not need 8k to start the flirting necessarily. I’ve found that the flirting is gated by not just affection but also by level/story. Of course, maybe he’s just an ice cat.

          IMO the sith ladies get cuties and the agent/bh get hosed (especially the agent). Look it up 😛

          Now in terms of relationships all I can say is they are TYPICAL men. When THEY want to talk, we have a conversation. When *I* want to talk and click on em, they pretty much ignore me. MEN!

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