More Jumping And Falling And Failing

I have a couple of stories of fail…

First, as I mentioned in the comments of a previous post, I did manage to fall through a railing crack and fall off Coruscant.


Second, Datacrons.  Fucking datacrons.  I follow my guildie to Taris and I have to activate a console to launch him up into the air.

Me: Did you make it up there?

Him: Yeah.

Me: So you’re on the platform?

Him: Nah, I have to do some Super Mario to get there, no big deal.

Me: [Your Favorite Expletive Here]

Then thehusband, who deserves a medal for this, reminds me that you can duel to get places… and while my guildmate doesn’t have a harpoon, I most certainly DO have force leap.  It felt like cheating, but the alternative was to waste my guildmate’s time while I fell, failed, and swore more.

Now, I did not take screenshots of the awesomeness, but through the magic of MSPAINT, I have recreated a perfect replica of this momentous event.

It's just like being there...

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    More Jumping And Falling And Failing — 6 Comments

    1. Well, the Super Mario-ing was only equivalent to World 1-1, not world 7-3, but your Force Leap of cheatery was pretty awesome.

    2. I see you finally got Docs pants off of him.

      Oh wait, none of you are wearing pants. Are you sure this was a datacron adventure?

      • Doc’s pants have never been a problem to remove. In fact, it’s difficult to keep him from stripping down in the medbay all the time.

    3. MSPAINT is the ultimate medium for conveying any kind of situation or thought accurately. You know how many screenshots it would take to get that across? You’d need a video. Or you’d have to draw on the screenshots with MSPAINT. Or you’d need at least two whole screenshots of before and after! Much more complex.

      That’s really awesome though. I didn’t even think about the idea of dueling to get to places that would otherwise be difficult to access! Brilliant advice!

      • The husband runs a lot of “datacron” nights for his guild where those who are good at jumping end up getting to the wherever first and then harpooning people up there (he has a lot of troopers.) Sometimes it’s necessary for datacrons that are accessed via a crack in the wall and the big hulk-type body types (males 3 and 4, not sure about females) can’t get through.

    4. Thanks for the tip about dueling to get to datacrons! Didn’t think of that before :)

      As for falling.. well, every time I have to restart the game client when I’m doing a Flashpoint (because of graphical glitches), and I log back in my character falls through the instance floor (because it didn’t load fast enough, or something) and DIES.