Little Jedi Murders All The Things — 5 Comments

  1. Ha! What an awesome surprise to see a new Hawtpants Blogging Treat pop up in my feed reader (yes I still use an RSS feed reader…yes I am that old). Now be honest, did you really think that, given the available examples, your Little Jedi would ever make the choice to somehow not murder all the things in the Old Republic? Is that even a real choice? It’s not one I remember, at least not since I made the choice of Jedi Shadow over Sage (a choice that had much less to do with the utility of a tank than the wonderfully sinister outfit that you were able to craft for me).

    • Holy shit, dude, new blogging treat! I’m being dragged back kicking and screaming because it’s not like I don’t spend ALL DAY in front of my screen working from home… for the last 6 months.


    I’ve missed your posts, Njessi! And so have some of the mini-Reds, who periodically ask me if I could send you some fashion fails from SWTOR that they’ve seen.

    But oh man, Little Jedi (or is it Sith now?) is 12??? Geez, I feel old.

      • As far as I know, they’ve remained on the light side. The oldest has turned into a pretty decent healer on both SWTOR and LOTRO, as it seems that her friends would rather murder all the things and it’s her job to keep them upright. Middle kid still occasionally plays SWTOR, but also spends a lot of time working on his Super Smash skills against his fellow college roommates when he’s not into (I think the current one is) Octopath Traveler. Youngest doesn’t play video games much any more, but I’m patient. She’ll come back. 😉

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