The Covid Update — 4 Comments

  1. I’m just glad you haven’t got Covid.

    We got out of quarantine at the end of August; my wife picked it up from her work at Target, and proceeded to infect our oldest. The two other mini-Reds tested negative –one when he went back to college, and one because she worked at a pizza place and they wanted to make sure she didn’t become a vector. I never exhibited symptoms, which meant it was practically impossible to be tested for it, but I assumed I was asymptomatic and conducted myself appropriately.

    But yes, Covid has hit our extended family. We lost two extended family members to Covid, and other is on oxygen. The latest news is that he’s not doing good after a week’s worth of slow improvement. We believe my nephew got it, as he’s immunocompromised, but since he got it back in March before people thought kids could get serious versions of the disease, he was never tested. One of my cousins, who works in the medical field on the ventilators at hospitals, contracted Covid and brought it home to her family and parents. (Everybody recovered.) But even after all that, we still have family members who think it is “just a cold” or “fake news”. That dissonance generated a rant on PC about Covid, which still felt like I was merely shouting at the Void rather than doing anything constructive.

    Oh yeah, and we had ISP issues for about 3 months before it was finally (!) fixed just over a week ago. At least my employer was sypmathetic, as were the people I raid with.

    • I am sorry! That all very much sucks. I was panicking at the beginning because my parents are in New York (my dad even has an apartment in the city). I walked them through grocery delivery and kept sending them necessities from Amazon. Including toilet paper (nothing says love like toilet paper). So far they are still Covid-free, and now it’s better to be in New York than a lot of other places. Sometimes I think people just don’t think *anything* is real or a big deal until it happens to them or someone close to them.

      • I could make a few snarky comments about how my extended family likes to play up the “faith” angle but then turn around and ignores actual, hard evidence, but that’s too easy a target.

        I’m the delivery boy for my mom whenever she needs replacement items such as toilet paper and kleenexes, but my mom has successfully transferred to using online grocery shopping as much as possible. She’s doing the best she can, which is actually much better than I’d have warranted, because she knows she is high risk (history of breast cancer and hypoglycemia). Her younger siblings think she’s taking it too seriously, but she and I both agree that they’re the ones who are being too lax.

        So, so far so good.

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