Teaching The Next Generation About The Hall Of Shame — 8 Comments

  1. Well, you could tell LJ that Cornholio obviously loves the outdoor game cornhole. (It’s by far a Midwest thing, as it originated in SW Ohio.) And like Dr. Johnny Fever in WKRP in Cincinnati, people tend to get better at it the more they drink beer.

    That last pic –the one with the pink tube top– reminds me of some Anime I’ve seen around.

        • You want to know what’s scary? If you change the hair color/design a bit and change the face, that woman in the pink tube top looks a lot like a girl I knew on my street who was two years older than me. And yes, she wore a pink tube top back in the early 80s –she rocked it, TBH– and she did wear bell bottoms that were cream colored.

          Curse you, SWTOR, for giving me an unexpected bout of nostalgia.

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