No, Don’t Nerf Baldy! — 5 Comments

  1. It’s certainly going to be an… interesting… Patch. With how 5.0’s been, a lot of groups of course have the big-hitters in their optimal groups, and aside from Sentinels every single one of these Classes is being nerfed in some way or other. I’m interested in seeing how many groups will keep the same group setups and how many will enforce the nerfed Players to switch to a ‘better’ Class.

    That said, I am hoping that this will incite some of the ‘fickle’ people who picked up these Classes since 5.0 simply because of how ‘OP’ they are in PvP to depart for greener pastures, leaving behind the people who have been playing them for at least a couple of years and thus have greater experience/enjoyment. Not that everyone who started playing them since this time are in this boat, but it can very easily be said that Commandos in particular have just become far too plentiful nowadays.

    I am most definitely not, however, a fan of all this being done with the additional side-effect of alienating even hardened veterans of the Classes; with the advent of Galactic Command a lot of veterans who cared about these Classes have needed to put a shedload of work into dealing with and counteracting the RNG, and a serious nerf is basically an indication that all of this hard work has been in vain. Slaps in the face all around, it seems.

    We shall see what we shall see.

  2. “DPS, step your shit up! We will no longer be able to compensate for standing in bad, missed interrupts, or failure to self-cleanse.”

    It’s going to be an interesting shift, that’s for sure! A good healer will be able to compensate less for a less skilled friend/player.

  3. I would say that as a general rule of thumb, people tend to overreact to any announced nerfs, compared to how much of an effect they really have. Is 5% less damage absorbed by Force Armour really going to change anyone’s play style? 25% less healing from Wandering Mend is pretty harsh though.

  4. I happened to pick back up my Merc this week, left fallow since last summer’s DvL completely wrecked my character advancement plans, and was utterly shocked at how much damage output I had in PvP. And I’m not anything more than mediocre player in PvP (or PvE).

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