Imperial Edict P4N75 — 9 Comments

  1. Welcome back again, and let the influx begin!

    Just an idea: what about a stronghold Hall of Shame? I go on weekly-ish public stronghold crawls with my SO on a couple different servers and we’ve seen more than our share of wrongness…the brothel on Dromund Kaas not-so-cleverly billed as a Vacation Retreat…and oh, that poor bantha stranded on someone’s Nar Shaddaa balcony…we had no way to liberate it *blinks* those aren’t tears…anyway. Strongholds have added a whole new level of Shame to the game.

  2. Sadly I will have to nominate my friend and myself for reprimand. I got tired of seeing half dressed female characters running around all the time, so I did my part to even the score a bit.
    This blog is a riot. Nice work.

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