The Update To The Hall Of Shame In Which Readers Do All The Work — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not sure their naming filter even works anymore. There’s a guy on my server with “fucker” in his name (no special characters or anything) whom I’ve reported more than once but clearly Bioware doesn’t care enough about these things to actually do anything.

    • If the game supported Unicode, then I’d expect that they were sneaking in characters from other Unicode sets to defeat the filter, but back when I started playing the game I tested both character names and chat, and it didn’t recognize Unicode (although given the server locations, I don’t think Bioware cares that it shuts out players in countries with non-ASCII script unless they use an ASCII-based language or transliterate their chat — i.e., ‘molniya’ instead of ‘молния’). So you’re probably right that they’re only checking names against a set of canon or in-game names, and maybe a small number of substrings.

      If making jerkass names was something I was interested in, I’d be tempted to see if “Swive-thyself” would make it past the filters; the character would probably need to be Imperial, althugh I’m not sure what class I would make it.

  2. Dang it, I missed a screenshot of my recent favorite, but it was perfect – fem character in a bikini, dyed purple/pink, plus Thana’s spikey-knee boots and the damn Marka Ragnos helmet. No words for it.

  3. I like that too- “Lord Meringue/Scrumptious Legacy”. Reminds me of someone not long after launch on a now-gone server who had the “Creme Legacy”…you’d see their various characters around fleet, “Darth Raspberry Creme”, “Darth Vanilla Creme” etc. At least they were consistent.

    The rest, I just…I don’t know. I think the larva adds a special je ne sais quoi to the quadboob, though.

    • Oops wasn’t right after launch, was right after legacy was launched (1.2?)…ergh need more coffee asap.

      Which I will sip whilst not looking at this page. Lest I spit it all over the keyboard in mirthful horror.

    • At least he finds a theme and sticks with it. On the downside, that was the week that the underpants were broken and would make half of the leg go invisible. It looks really odd.

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