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  1. Ouch. Rejected. I’m gotten some creepy whispers on a couple of my toons (of both genders) but I’ve only ignored one persistent stalker. I actually only ignore gold farmers, chat spammers, and loot ninjas for the most part. Bigger ignore list only equals less people in group finder.

  2. Reminds me of the time a random guy hit me up on the fleet, saying that I “looked fun and interesting”, asking me whether I wanted to “go and party” and whether I was “a boy or a girl cause some boys play as girl characters”. I was just like… “uhhh bye” and logged off that character, lol. I couldn’t really be mad because he sounded like a little kid, but it was still kinda creepy/super awkward.

    • That’s a “nicer” version of the time I got hit up in Isle of Conquest while I was on my Rogue. Boy, was he explicit in what he wanted to do. I made a point of not helping him when he got jumped by three Hordies.

      • I’ve had the “nice” version devolve into the not-so-nice version quite rapidly. I clearly remember talking to someone in SWG who was complimenting me on my outfit (I was wearing my “Master Tailor” tag, so that was acceptable and normal) and then he went right to telling me he wanted to put his tongue down my throat. I was like… where did THAT come from?

  3. Heh, I wonder if this implies that cosmetic gear has made it easier to determine the gender of the player behind the character. It may be a stereotype, but maybe characters with more aesthetically pleasing costumes are more likely to be played by women.

    Clearly, the solution is to dress your characters in bikinis or underboob.

    • Yeah, you can definitely tell when a female character is played by a guy. I’d be shocked if the underboob/bikini/pants fails in the hall of shame were perpetrated by females.

  4. Definitely NOT an ass. It’s called having limits, and that guy was entirely too creepy.

    I don’t play female toons, but I’ve seen some seriously skeevy behavior when running around with my wife (who plays only female toons). Once I had some dbag start using emotes towards my female companion (Kira) that made me so uncomfortable I dismissed her and left the cantina. Seriously, what the hell was that?

    • I know for me, and this is probably true for many women, the longer I play video games, and the more creepers I’ve encountered, the more of a twitchy trigger I have on the ignore button. Giving the benefit of the doubt has bit me in the ass before.

  5. Nah, you’re not an ass. That convo you posted is like a PSA of exactly what should be said and done to shut down the creepers.

    A random creeper encounter earlier this year in the fleet bazaar: the first whisper politely complimented my character’s gear, followed by silence after I replied with a simple ‘thanks’. The second whisper occurred a few minutes later and was along the lines of “[my character’s name], don’t make me come back up there to the cantina and get you”. Ick. I immediately logged over Imp-side. He didn’t use any profanity- and did in fact use proper spelling and complete sentences- but the Hannibal Lecter vibe was strong with that one.

    • I know that there are plenty of not-creepy ways to compliment someone’s outfit, and it sounds like the conversation started out innocently enough for you. Then it took a turn for the creeper. Textbook creeper, yuck.

      I told my husband about this whole thing and how it had gotten a bunch of comments, and he said “oh yeah, it’s related to #yesallwomen”. So true. We deal with obnoxious trolls all the time, and it should not be tolerated. Mamas, don’t let your sons grow up to be creepers.

      • What ever happened to, “Wow, I like that outfit” with maybe, just maybe, “can you hold still for a sec while I see what pieces you used?”

        That’s the the whole point of the #yesallwomen thing. It only takes a small population of serious creepers for all women to have some creepy story about this.

  6. I’ve seen a couple of things like this in my time happen to my Gunslinger: Some guy whispered me in a WZ once asking if I was a girl. Awkward, to be sure, but nowhere near as awkward as a run of Colicoid War Games that I later did.

    Got caught up in a guild group – all Australians, it seemed – and it began jovially and no awkwardness was present, until after the first turrets. In group chat came this comment: “[My Character’s Name] is probably a hot Australian blonde”, completely under the impression that I was female (using theorem of “skimpy = male; anything else that is aesthetically pleasing = higher chance of being female”, my character’s outfit at the time definitely fell into the latter category).

    Despite the fact that I am actually male in real life, I honestly did not feel I could correct them beyond correcting “Australian” to “British” (whilst “hot” is never a word I would use to describe myself, I actually am sorta blond, so they were technically correct whilst being massively incorrect) without making them feel ridiculously awkward; that they then began to ask about reactions to the accent and whether “boys liked it” would have made it even worse for all concerned…

    Thankfully, I haven’t seen anything like these interactions since, and the latter is a tale that I have told since to many a guild member when discussing embarrassing group experiences, nearly always topping the list despite the fact that it could have been so much more awkward.

    • Back in DAOC, a guy I was grouped with wanted me to “prove” I was actually a female by telling him what type of birth control I used. That’s more awkward, right?

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