One Year Later: Free To Play. Topic Shamelessly Stolen From Shintar — 4 Comments

  1. Some very interesting points.

    I guess the ship parts were an experiment; after they saw that it didn’t bring in loads of money and made people unhappy, they dropped the idea.

    Very true about the convenience of adaptive gear. On most of my characters I couldn’t care less what their bracers actually look like as they get hidden under their big gloves anyway, but random Cartel ones are generally cheapest and easiest to get.

    I also like your point about being able to spend your stipend on additions you like and save it if you’d rather have something else. It’s not all bad.

  2. I think they could really help crafting out by dropping a lot of the requirements on crafted pieces. At a minimum, dropping the class requirements would help, but allowing crafted cross faction stuff would be nice, too. (Even making all orange items adaptive, or at least not level bound, would be interesting.)

    I’ve bought more Cartel stuff for my Companions than my characters, largely because so many of the crafted orange items are only for characters. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone “Oh, that looks nice. … Oh, it’s [character class] only. Nevermind.”

  3. Nice post, but i do disagree with one thing. The gambling boxes.

    I also agree that they prey on certain people, but i disagree with you when you say that its “not BWs job to babysit them”. Well BW added the gambling boxes, so the argument you are proposing is basically “Its not the crack dealers job to babysit people”. He COULD also just not sell them crack, he is kinda the enabling partner of the deal.

    I know im taking it to the extreme, but its only to illustrate the line of reasoning. How would you feel if BW did a promotion where you got a special game-code for exclusive items if you bought a carton of cigarettes? Or three bottles of booze?

    The gambling boxes are here to stay, but excusing BW for their part in it makes no sense. They made them and theyre the ones selling them.

    • Well, the gambling boxes are something that CAN be used responsibly (unlike crack), and many people enjoy them and for them it’s a fun part of the game. I have friends who use their excess stipend to buy a box now and then, and they enjoy the little surprises. Should Bioware put a limit on how many boxes you can buy to save people from themselves?

      Now, I think that BW IS responsible for encouraging EXCESSIVE buying of boxes by purposely putting super-rare things in those boxes – and by selling ridiculous hypercrates at a discount. I mean, idiots will buy anything if they think they’re getting 10% off, way more than they would have purchased a la carte.

      I get what you’re saying. BW is the one that created this situation in the first place, and I blame them for that. But at some point personal responsibility does kick in.

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