Why Collections Don’t Do Much For Me — 11 Comments

  1. If nothing else, it’s a convenient way to preview all of the sets without fighting through all of the garbage on the GTN.

      • Yep, it’s pretty snazzy. I think there’s actually a preview button on a lot of the collection icons, in fact.

        For me, it’s theoretically good but I haven’t really used it in practice. I’ve just come back to SWTOR casually after a six-month hiatus so I’m skint as hell, thus I haven’t been buying any Cartel stuff off the GTN. I did buy a full armor set from the Cartel Market for my newly-minted Imperial Agent, but since it’s the Clandestine Officer set (and let me just say, it’s kind of the opposite of “Clandestine”) I can’t imagine any other characters looking appropriate in it.

        I think, though, that it’s quite likely to encourage me to buy full sets of gear directly from the CM. 1440 CCs for one armor set is a tough decision. 1500 CCs for an armor set + global unlock means that I can use it for alllll my companions, which is a hell of a lot more appealing, In fact, I’m probably going to spring for a set tomorrow. 🙂

        My boyfriend will be happy, too — just before we cancelled our subs, I gave him most of my credits (thus why I’m skint) to buy one of the Overlord Command Throne mounts, and since we’ve come back we’re playing on the opposite faction. So he’s going to be stoked about the chance to finally get some use out of the chair, albeit not on the character he originally bought it for 😉

  2. The system works on cartel pack color crystals.

    This means that as soon as you have a bound crystal in your inventory (you will need to pop it out of the weapon if you slotted it before the patch, as the system won’t check it until it’s in your inventory), that character and all their companions can have infinite numbers of said crystal for free. For a relatively small Cartel Coin fee – 60 CC for most “rare” indestructible crystals and 240 for most “super-rare” crystals with other stats (the white “ultra-rare” ones presumably cost more) you can expand that unlock to your entire account (all your alts and all their companions, cross-server).

    The bad news is that my artificer will never craft another crystal again, and this is going to slaughter the market for +41’s of all flavors. The good news is that you can change out Cartel crystals as often as you want for no cost (just overwrite the old one, you can get more!). Every single alt I own now has a unique color to their name (my level 15 gunslinger went from 2400 health to 3200 health), I have an account-wide for Derelict-Purple Eviscerating crystals, and I’ll probably add more colors as I find favorites and/or colors that would really suit specific alts.

    • Whoa. I don’t have any cartel crystals but this might convince me to buy some. As someone with 2 sabers, I’ve been reluctant to buy a crystal because I’d have to buy TWO. Now, hooray! But yeah, I hate that it keeps gutting the crafting market so thoroughly. You can’t even dye low-level crafted popular orange items (drelliad jacket, aspiring knight’s belly shirt) but ALL cartel market items, other than lore, can by dyed.

      • If it makes you feel any better, if you HAD purchased two identical crystals the day before the patch, the second purchase would have been 100% wasted. I’m fortunate in that I chose to get slightly different ones for my main and offhand, so that character now has both colors to choose from on his companions.

        Fun trick for flashpoints – if you are a blaster-user and you have a bad habit of tab targeting and breaking crowd control, identify the other guy’s crystal color and switch to copy them. Unless, of course, they peg you for a no-good-color sneak and counter with a switch of their own! 🙂

    • This has the negative effect of basically killing the market on leve 10 +41 crystals though. And to be honest, that’s basically where I made most of my space-cheddar. So even though it’s good for the game and the community, I HATES IT! I HATES IT, PRECIOUS!

  3. Collections isn’t as cool as I thought it’d be. I had dreams of Korrealis Commanders on all my characters, huge space Buicks designed for the sole intent of pissing off everyone I drove around. Alas, ’twas not to be. Least, not yet.

    • This trend of anything cool can only be applied to cartel market items or bought with cartel coins is getting very old. Has Bioware developed anything new that wasn’t for the cartel market since announcing free to play? Makeb was already well under development, and cost additional cash, and the cathar, while announced, went cartel market anyway.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed about the space pants. I busted my ass for those! At *least* (and this is almost no consolation at all) there are some cool armor dyes for artificers. I am supporting my local artificer by requisitioning a red main/ black secondary dye kit.

  4. Perhaps I’m just a terribly ignorant SWTOR player, but I wasn’t even aware of why the Collections feature warranted a second look until I read this post. I guess that for a CC premium, I can unlock individual Cartel items for all of my characters? That’s pretty nifty.

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